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Transportation of
Research Chemicals

Transportation of Research Chemicals

When transporting research chemicals, it is important to ensure that they are transported safely. According to Johns Hopkins Lab Safety, tips for safe transport include carrying bottles or jars in trays or bottle carriers instead of by hand—they are less likely to become broken, and the tray/carrier provides secondary containment. If using trays, push the tray on a laboratory cart instead of carrying it. Carts used to transport chemicals should have at least a 2-inch lip to provide adequate containment1. Chemicals can only be transported for the purposes of conducting research, field investigations, educational purposes and other official university business. All materials must be transported and stored in a secondary container to prevent breakage
managers and workers in the logistics industry talk about working with chemicals in the warehouse


Exposure to Chemicals The best way laboratory personnel can protect themselves from chemical hazards is to minimize their exposure to them. Substitute less hazardous chemicals in your experiments whenever possible. Always use the smallest possible quantity of chemical for all experiments. Consider microscale experiments and activities.
Workers wear protective suits and rubber boots while they move big barrels. It is night. The barrels could be filled with all kind of things linke toxic waste or chemical weapons. Digitally generated image.

Chemical Labeling

The simple rule for chemical labeling is - if a container looks like it contains a chemical (even a clear liquid), then it must be labeled with the contents. Proper labeling of chemicals is one way of informing people who work in laboratories of potential hazards that exist, preventing the generation of unknowns, and facilitating emergency responses such as cleaning up spills and obtaining the proper medical treatment.

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